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LED Lighting Solutions For Airports, Terminal Facilities and Hangers


LED lighting systems have been increasingly used as the preferred choice in airport perimeters, building entrances, walkways as well as parking structures. Because of the scale of airport and its usage, airports are being brought up to speed to make them easy to navigate from place to place, comfortable and relaxing places to be. Airport premises are a vehicle of revenue for product and services, but as a naturally stressful environment for commuters and holiday travellers, airports benefit when passengers naturally feel safe and comfortable in well lit areas.


LED lighting systems provide improved light quality whilst at the same time reducing energy consumption, carbon footprint and maintenance costs. There are several lighting products from the Eco Saver product range that facilitate airport use for product, service and people. From lighting flooring, ceilings and waiting lounges, Bamford Lightings full turn key operation enables lighting to be uniformed or bespoke, designed to suit the purpose in which each LED will serve, adapting light with colour and brightness intensities.


Bring your airport facilities up to working standards


Lighting also lends itself to working to increase security. Producing more intense light provides a combined efficient monitoring and surveillance mechanism. LED consumption reduces overhead lighting costs, whilst lasting up to 50,000 hours and emitting 50% more light.


LED Lighting will impact on the business of your airport:


Airports lighting should met several features
To aid visualisation for people and performance
Function for added security and monitoring
Facilitate safety on runways, take off helipads and landings
Provide additional security and landscape presence of communication towers, terminal buildings and hangars
Provide navigation for pedestrianised footpaths
Provide navigation and floodlit signage
Provide safety and navigation for transport
Provide comfort and relaxation in waiting lounges
Aid the appetite of travelers to purchase product and services

LED Lighting is much more than a desirable product to businesses in Commerce and Industry, because LEDs give you reward by saving you money on your overheads.


What are the benefits of LED lighting solutions for airports?


Where people and performance are concerned, the intensity of light plays an important role in a working environment. The LED illumination flux which is the emission of light from one LED bulb can flood twice as much light compared to a filament bulb. Bamford Lighting consult commerce and industry on all lighting requirements and on full consultation, can offer a FREE assessment to help to identify what lighting levels your airport is operating in. Take the Bamford Lighting FREE Lighting Trial.


Use LED lighting to reduce your carbon footprint


Using LED lighting systems in airport is no new feature in this generation where conservation and efficiency forms the epicenter of service provision. The advancement of technology allows for both conservation and surveillance while still maintaining the core service in light provision. Modern developments involve using LED lights with sensors that are capable of changing the light’s colour in cases of its function or purpose. Our lighting is designed and produced by us and can be tailored to met the specification of your airport whilst we will help consult you in how our LED Lighting will produce desired illumination, security as well as energy management, allowing the LEDs to help exhibit a significant return on investment through reduced power wastages, consistent light provision and enhanced surveillance procedures.