Bar & Restaurant LED Lighting

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LED Lighting Solutions For Bar and Restaurants

If you own a business in the food and services industry, the lighting of a venue will play a huge role in the dining experience for your customers. Lighting can be exceptionally mood enhancing, helping your customers to spend more and retain a loyalty to your brand.

Say goodbye to costly lighting bills & poor lighting conditions.

At Bamford Lighting we deliver a full turn key lighting solution, which means we work with you to design the LED to suit its purpose. We can design lights to feature for seating, dining areas, bar areas and cove lighting. LED can be designed to be colour changing and low lit as well as flood light, which are ideal for signage and exterior lighting.

Did you know: We offer financed solutions enabling you to pay off your LED lighting with the money you save?


Benefits of LED Lighting to Your Restaurant Bar Business Consumes Less Energy

We understand that the biggest challenge to changing something like your lighting can be overwhelming, but when we have seen businesses save remarkable costs in both commerce and industry from 60% to 90% on lighting bills, it is worth doing the maths. The savings you make on LED’s is because a Light-Emitting Diode uses just 2 to 17 watts of electricity. At Bamford Lighting, we will conduct a full assessment of your current lighting and demonstrate how that by changing to LED’s you will see where the savings can be made in your restaurant, bar or pub.

Creative lighting solution

LED Lighting allows businesses to be creative with lighting because LED’s are versatile an unobtrusive when displayed around your business premises. Cove lighting and low lighting is exemplary in many instances aiding artwork and product displays.

Applications of LED energy saving products for restaurants

The wide range of LED energy saving fixtures are available exclusively from Bamford Lighting and can be suitably used across any sector of the restaurant, food and drinks services industry:
Bar display
Dining areas
Wall lighting
Seating areas
Spotlight table areas
Cabinet display

Reap the rewards of LED lighting

Bamford Lightings Free LED trial allows you to try before you buy, because we understand when you have been used to poor lighting for so long, its hard to visualise what better lighting could look like. That is why we are proud to be able to fit a temporary led lighting in your business to see the difference it will make to people, performance and cost. Our full turn key solution delivers a full assessment of your lighting and a consulting service based on 35 years of energy management experience. So start taking a leap to greener lighting, better lighting results and at a fraction of a cost.