The Blackpool Tower hitting the “zero” emissions button

by / Monday, 08 September 2014 / Published in Lighting News

One of the UK’s most historically loved architectures has been a prominent display in many of peoples eyes for it has lit up the coastline of the north shore for decades.

Since 2002 the Blackpool tower has made numerous transitions to its lighting into LED Light that are the most effect forms of producing light. Upgrading the lighting has been a vast investment for Blackpool Council and a full completion of replacing every LED bulb is the final piece in the jigsaw to operating the tower using only green energy. This means that in the near future the Blackpool tower will join the elite few architectural masterpieces of the 20th Century to be fully powered using only wind, bio energy and small scale hydro fuel energy. The procurement of green electricity has since reduced the annual Illuminations carbon dioxide emissions to zero, a saving of 420 tonnes per year in fuel.

Celebrating its 2nd year of LED replacement, the tower has now installed 5,508 energy efficient LED light bulbs replacing  100,000 old pygmy bulbs revolutionising the technology of the lighting equipment into something more green and sustainable.

In light of moving to zero emissions for the tower display, 13 local authorities, including Blackpool Council, are making a conscious effort to help support each and every business help move towards making sustainable changes to energy uses by working in partnership with the local Blackpool community to save residents and businesses money on their energy bills. Known as “Ready to Switch?” is a free energy switching scheme to encourage a fast and economical way of switching to find cheaper energy deals.

The Ready to Switch? initiative is an excellent scheme and therefore Blackpool Tower wholeheartedly supports it. This is because it reduces the costs of the energy consumption for the residents and also businesses which can help businesses slash overheads such as hoteliers and other hospitality services.

Since the scheme was launched, more than 35,000 households have signed up and made positive changes to their energy bills.

Some of the benefits The Blackpool Tower with benefit from LED lighting installation

  • LED lights have long life. The bulbs average life span is approximately 80,000 hours which equates to eight to ten times more than the ordinary lights reducing maintenance fees.
  • 10 time more clarity in light
  • The tower can now many 24 different lighting displays
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Offers fantastic improvements in the lighting colour as well as movement capabilities.