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LED Lighting Solutions For Car Showrooms & Forecourts & Car Parks


Light is instrumental to all businesses, including ourselves. Many companies know lighting helps everyday operations take place, but do you know if you are getting optimum performance for your money?.


There are many benefits when incorporating LED lighting into your business if you own a car dealership or showroom. Industrial-strength LED lighting can save you more money in the long run, and you could make a significant saving of up to 70% on your utility bills.



Get LED Lighting with no upfront costs


Bamford Lighting is a full turn-key lighting solution supplying energy efficient LED lighting for car showrooms and garage forecourt facilities. “The Energy Saver” LED Lighting products is an all in one lighting system that will aid your vehicle showroom or garage forecourt with high-performance quality lighting, helping you make the right step in the right direction to the reduction of carbon emissions. Say goodbye to poor and costly lighting and say hello to savings on your overhead lighting bills.


Brighten up your car park or car forecourt


Whether you sell or look after cars, vans or motorbikes, we understand security for a valuable property is always top of the agenda. There are a few essential things lighting should provide. First and foremost, it should protect your business and reduce the risk of a security threat. While car parks are designed to flood a percentage of natural lighting into the structure. There is a heavy reliance on artificial lighting. Dark car parks with poor light will not encourage vehicle owners to use the car park. Lighting should help support your level of security.


The Eco-Friendly LED tubes produce sufficient lighting for buildings that normally have little light. When lighting outdoor spaces and garage forecourts the energy saving floodlights are designed so that they can illuminate large areas more efficiently, highlighting any spots, where traditional lighting would miss. The intensity of light provided by these LED Lights should provide support of clearer imagery when using CCTV cameras and security resources.


Bamford Lighting can install bespoke or off the shelf energy efficient LED Lighting in:


  • Indoor car showrooms
  • Outdoor car forecourts
  • M.O.T bays
  • Diagnostic bays
  • Car technicians workshop
  • Car dealership signage
  • Offices


Bring your car forecourt lighting up to working standards


While natural light is acceptable to work in, when the weather isn’t to our taste, you may decide to use additional lighting to accommodate the lack of light on a given day. Using lighting is costly, but necessary. Did you know that LED lighting can help to improve the look of your cars? Well, lit apportioned lighting indoor and outdoor vehicles, may contribute to improving the selling qualities of the vehicle, where natural light cannot provide.


When you take on Bamford Lighting’s FREE assessment, we will identify if your lighting could be indirectly having an effect on the performance and productivity of your dealership business.



What are the benefits of LED lighting solutions in a car park forecourt or dealership?


LED Lighting outweighs traditional lighting in every sense. LED’s illumination flux is far crisper and sharp emitting white light instead of a yellow or blue hue and works differently compared to fluorescent and incandescent lighting, the latter of which uses a tungsten filament to produce light. LED lights are also different when compared to fluorescent lighting, which emits light by passing electric currents through two electrodes.


LED lights do not overheat like traditional lighting sources, mainly in part because it doesn’t comprise of a filament. This type of lighting generates an electric current between electrodes but doesn’t react with gas in the process. Bamford Lighting can help you to reduce the amount of energy your business generates if you are dependent on lighting. When you take on Bamford Lighting’s FREE assessment, we will identify if your car park emits enough light. Take the Bamford Lighting FREE Lighting Trial.


Pay off the cost of your car park LED lighting with the money you save.


There are not many products that can save your business money, but LED Lighting is one of them. At Bamford Lighting, we not only believe but have seen the results and savings car forecourts are making across the UK and Ireland from our LED lighting products. Light brings so many benefits to people, performance and business, but LED Light will help these areas with function and quality.


We are passionate about LED Lighting, and through 3 decades of product and industry knowledge, we devote our time to consulting businesses in business who have an obligation to reducing carbon footprints. You don’t need to have a full scale LED switch to see the results, that’s why we offer a free lighting trial so you can see some of the results LED lighting provides. Along with our range of finance solutions, we can help you to make sensible and affordable changes to your current lighting. Find out more about financing your LED lighting.