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Being energy efficient is now a top priority for many people, and everyone wants to save energy in every possible way. Not many people realise that your choice of lighting fixture and even your choice of light bulb can make a difference to your energy efficiency.

Not only can LED lighting help you save energy, but there are a wide range of advantages of using LED fixtures, these include:


  • Long Lifetime

The lifetime of an LED light fixture is one of the more highly valued benefits for consumers.

LED’s don’t burn out like regular light bulbs, they’re made up of lighting diodes which eventually emit lower output levels giving a ‘dimming’ effect rather than completely cutting off the light. LED’s have an impressive operational life expectancy of 100 hours, this is 11 years of continuous light.

If your lights are at 50% operation, it’s 22 years of light. If you were to leave and LED light continuously on for 8 hours per day, it would take around 20 years for a replacement to be needed.

  • Energy Efficiency

When LED light fixtures are compared with a traditional light fixture, they have an estimated energy efficiency of 80%-90%.

This means that 80% of the energy that is produced from an LED is converted into light, while the remaining 20% is lost and converts into something else such as heat.  A conventional light bulb opposes the efficiency of an LED with 80% of the energy omitted from a traditional, florescent light bulb lost to heat.

The long lifespan of an LED light fixture helps it to achieve heightened efficiency when they are used in large scale projects such as cities, airports, hotels etc.

When thinking from a maintenance point of view, if an airport were to change their lighting to an LED alternative, think of how much time and energy that would be saved from not having to purchase, stock and continually change light bulbs around such a large building.

  • Eco Friendly

LED light fixtures are completely toxic free, and contain no harmful chemicals.

A high number of conventional fluorescent light bulbs contain a number of dangerous materials, such as mercury. These materials aren't just harmful for you but also for the environment. They are also 100% recyclable and can help shrink your carbon footprint by up to a third.

The long life that comes with and LED light also contributes to the fixture being ecologically friendly, as just 1 LED light bulb can save the materials and production of 25 incandescent bulbs.

This is a huge step towards a greener future strongly supported by the team here at Bamford Lighting.

  • High Quality

An LED light fixture is made up of strong components, and these can withstand rough conditions that a conventional light can’t. An LED is also shock resistant, and external impact and vibrations don’t affect the performance of the fixture. This makes them perfect for external lighting systems, as they can withstand rough weather conditions such as wind, rain and even vandalism. They are also perfect for the conditions that surround construction and manufacturing sites.

  • No UV Emissions

An LED light fixture produces a small amount of infrared light, and almost zero UV emissions.

Due to the amount of radiated heat being so small, LED lighting is perfect to use around goods and materials that are sensitive to heat. Goods and materials that are sensitive to UV can also be used around LED lighting as the levels are also in small supply.

  • Flexible Design

LEDs can be produced to fit any shape, which makes them extremely efficient for design.

Individual LEDs can also be dimmed, this means that you have ultimate control of colour, distribution, and how much light is emitted. If your lighting fixture is well designed, you can achieve some amazing lighting effects.

They are currently being used in classrooms, airplanes and many other locations. LED lighting fixtures are fast becoming the number 1 choice for lighting systems.

  • Temperature

In fluorescent lamps, low temperatures can cause problems for operation. However, with an LED fixture, they perform well in extremely cold settings. This makes them idea of outdoor settings in colder climates, or freezers rooms etc.

  • Dispersal of Light

The light that is produced from an LED fixture can be directed on to a specific location, unlike a traditional bulb which uses and external reflector. This makes the application efficiency of LED’s much higher than the conventional choice.

If the LED lighting system is well designed, they can deliver the light to the desired location much more efficiently than a traditional bulb.

  • Low-Voltage

LED lights don’t require a high voltage power supply to become illuminated, they can even be powered by a solar-energy source. This makes an LED fixture perfect for outdoor settings, especially in rural or remote areas.

  • Instant Brightness

When an LED is powered on, they have immediate illumination. This provides a number of advantages for traffic lights, road signals and other infrastructure projects.

An LED fixture can also be turned on and off a high number of times without it affecting the life expectancy or the levels of light produced. A conventional bulb can also take time to reach full brightness, and the lifespan would be drastically reduced if it is switched on and off frequently.

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