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Factory LED Lighting – Clear and Bright Lighting, Save Money.

There can be few as safety critical a working environment as that of a factory, where high visibility and well distributed lighting is essential for workforces that may be operating potentially dangerous machinery. However beyond the safety benefits for the well-lit factory there are a wide variety of other advantages when choosing LED lighting, such as energy savings of as much as 70%.

Forget the bygone era of poorly lit factories that cost the earth in energy bills

Bamford Lighting are the LED Lighting specialists. We understand the challenges that factory based businesses face and we know just how crucial a well-lit working environment is. What’s more as the exclusive supplier of ‘The Energy Saver’ LED Lighting product range we make it easy for businesses to achieve what can be otherwise demanding carbon footprint goals, and all whilst achieving a potential saving of up to 70%.

Factory LED Lighting that is bright

Of course with such impressive savings you’d be forgiven for thinking that such lighting may lack the power and brightness to safely illuminate the factory where equipment is operated, and where a workforce requires consistent levels of lighting throughout and right from the moment the lighting is switched on. However the dull, and slow to get going energy saving lighting that you may be accustomed to is really made a thing of the past through revolutionary design and the employment of LED technology, which is known for providing crisp lighting, from the very moment that it is turned on.

LED Lighting that meets the most demanding of health and safety standards

We know that UK based factories are subject to some of the tightest health and safety and trading standards that there are. Which is why we make it our business to know all about the demands upon your business in terms of health and safety guidelines. And, whilst there are no official statutory workplace lighting levels, we always adhere to the HSE suggestions for lighting LUX levels.

Workforces that are less stressed and fatigued

In perhaps a final and surprising benefit for the factory opting for LED Lighting the business owner of a well-lit factory can look forward to staff who are less stressed and less tired, as they avoid the common ailments that come with poor lighting (such as eye strain, headaches and fatigue). What’s more with as many as 10% of the population being affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) over the winter months sufficient lighting can even help to overcome depression and staff absences.

Bamford Lighting: A leading supplier of LED Lighting

With industry leading price points

Not only do our LED Lighting solutions deliver consistent and impressive energy savings for the future, but the price points of our products mean that such savings needn’t cost the earth. What’s more the energy savings of our LED lights are so significant that over the course of just 2 year the lighting pays for itself (with a further 8 years’ worth of lifespan to look forward to!).

Unsure about your requirements?

Request a free onsite survey

Every factory that we visit is different, with each having a unique layout and set of requirements for the right lighting solution for the way in which the factory operates. For this reason we provide a completely free from charge on-site survey, so that you can be sure of your factory’s requirements and the likely costs involved.

We are the Go-To LED Lighting Company

But don’t just take our word for it

Want to see what we’ve achieved with businesses up and down the UK? Well prepare to be illuminated. You can read our past clients’ comments on our solutions and service, over on the case study page, or you can see for yourself just how our solutions look over on our gallery page.

Ready to light up your factory?

If you’re ready to see what Bamford Lighting could do for your premises and the safety of your staff, then get in touch. Our team lead the way with expert knowledge and industry leading products (and they love to talk, too).

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