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Bamford Lighting Exculsive Finance Offers

Here at Bamford Lighting, we offer an extensive range of finance options to allow your company to receive state of the art LED Lighting, paying for these out of the money you save from your energy bills.

Our generous offers ensures your company can operate to the highest productivity rates- even if you’re unable to pay the full amount straight away.

For more information on our exclusive finance offers, take a look at the options below or, alternatively, you can contact a member of the Bamford Lighting team direct on 08000431153 or email us at

Finance Low-Interest Loan

Pay save GraphicBamford Lighting can offer you a low-interest rate loan to finance your new LED lighting scheme. Loans are typically repaid over a period of 4 years with cost savings funding the scheme from the first month.

Taking out a loan will help you: Overcome the capital cost barrier and adopt the full scheme immediately. Savings go straight to the bottom line with savings from month 1. Benefit the environment by reducing your business CO2 emissions.

Shared Savings Alternatively, we can offer you a shared savings scheme where we install your new LED Lighting free of charge, and share the savings with you 50/50. This means you get new LED Lighting at no upfront costs and still benefit from energy savings. Shared savings contracts are ideal for larger value projects as they require some time to set up and administer. To find out more about Shared Savings please contact us. 

ECA Scheme – Enhanced Capital Tax Allowances

Save Energy GraphicThe ECA scheme lets you claim the whole cost of your new LED Lighting equipment against taxable profits in the first financial year – providing a cash flow boost to your business. 

This initiative improves the time-scale of the tax allowance on company profits which in effect is equal to a refund of 21% of the amount invested in energy-saving equipment. As a further incentive, this increases to 28% on gross profits over £300K. We recommend that you consult your corporate accountant to ensure this tax incentive applies to your business. 

We are pleased to confirm that LED lighting now qualifies for these allowances and where necessary we will provide the technical information to enable your company to claim the allowances through the Corporation Tax System.

Grant Funding 

rewardsThe UK Government actively encourages and supports alternative and sustainable energy generation and conservation schemes – many with up to 10 year Return On Investment. 

Of all the many schemes available the use of LED Lighting provides the highest energy saving prospect of typically 75% – higher than any other scheme.