Calling all food manufacturing units:

Bamford Lighting

Go green AND save money with LED Lighting!

More and more food manufacturing companies are turning to LED lighting solutions in a bid to save money and reduce carbon footprints.

As the British economy begins to strengthen we’re each striving and stepping towards a brighter future, saving money where we can to ensure a strengthened future for ourselves and our employees.

Turning to efficient lighting solutions is one of the many ways in which companies are reducing costs in electricity. Here at Bamford Lighting we’re renowned for saving companies; particularly in the food manufacturing industry, up to 90% in electricity bills: therefore the products we offer pay for themselves.

Here at Bamford Lighting, our soul aim is to encourage energy conservation and reduce emissions among an extensive range of enterprises including food manufacturing companies…

The result of which?

Clients receive vibrant lighting which is business productive and cost efficient: it’s a no brainer!

While more and more businesses are turning towards LED lighting solutions, many are loosing out on the extensive benefits which is why, here at Bamford Lighting; we’ve decided to put together a few words which sum up LED lighting systems so you have a clear knowledge of what they are and how they’ll prove beneficial to you and your food manufacturing enterprise.

What are LED Light systems?

Light Emitting diodes (LEDs) are energy efficient, low emission digital light systems which are becoming increasingly popular across working and domestic environments combined.

Many food manufacturers take advantage of LED light systems for their bright beneficial attributes which include; energy efficiency, robustness, low maintenance and long life span.

LED light systems we’re avoided in their earlier years as there was a lack of understanding of how, exactly they can save people money. However, as the recession hit and financial hardships become more apparent, there was a real boom in the sales of LED Lights growing into the competitive industry we see today.

I’ve heard LED light systems are more expensive. Is this true?

When shopping around you may notice LED light systems seem more expensive than your traditional incandescent light bulbs. Don’t be put off by the initial price!

Incandescent light bulbs may seem cheaper interstitially however, last a fraction of the amount of time an LED light bulb lasts which makes LED light systems much more cost efficient in the long run.

Will LED Light Systems fit in my existing light fittings?

Many food manufacturing enterprises believe that upgrading existing lighting costs money: this isn’t always the case.

For example, fluorescent, incandescent tubes in strip lighting, will be hugely disruptive and expensive. This is what we call ‘retrofitting’.
Many are unaware of the range of retrofitting LED products that are able to use existing analogue light fittings so you see benefits such as less power usage, low maintenance and long life without having to invest in new light fittings.

For more information around LED Light Systems, take a look through the rest of this site or, alternatively, contact Bamford Lighting today and speak to a member of our friendly team.