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Food & Drinks Manufacturing Processing Industry

All food processing and manufacturing facilities require high visibility and well-distributed lighting.

How this lighting is managed and operated overall, signifies substantial costs. But did you know that lighting can now save businesses working in the food manufacturing industry up to 70%?

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Say goodbye to costly lighting bills & poor lighting conditions.


Bamford Lighting is a full turn-key lighting solution offering energy efficient LED lighting for warehouse and storage units and facilities. As a sole supplier of “The Energy Saver” LED Lighting products, it couldn’t be easier to go green and start making those crucial steps to adhering to carbon foot guidelines and poor and costly lighting, inevitability saving up to 90% of your overhead lighting bills.

Did you know: You can pay off the cost of your LED lighting with the money you save?

We understand the biggest challenge for food production businesses to contend with their lighting, is operations such as washdowns and maintenance which require staff hours of planned downtime. Traditional lighting naturally harbours growth of bacteria and other contaminants and need to be continuously controlled. Bamford Lighting’s LED High Bay solutions provide:-

Less planned downtime calculated because LED operates for 50,000 hours.
LED Lighting floods more light per square footage meaning businesses require less LED bulbs.

Bring your food production lighting up to working standards

Bamford Lightings Eco-Friendly LED Lighting is driven by the desire to meet stringent controls and therefore it has been paramount to ensure LED lighting we install incorporates many unique design features that comply with food production and manufacturing standards. We proudly promote that with LED lighting, any potential risks that could be raised in a health and safety inspection will no longer be an issue. Poor lighting is sometimes something businesses fail to recognise. LUX light levels are also a part of health and safety guidelines and where employees are working in close inspection areas, could be having a domino effect on your employee's performance at work. With Bamford Lighting’s FREE assessment; we will determine if your lighting set up could be indirectly having an effect on your business operation. To find out what lighting levels your business is operating in, call Bamford Lighting to take the FREE Lighting Trial.

A wide range of applications of LED energy saving products

The full range of LED energy saving fixtures available exclusively from Bamford Lighting can be suitable to be used across any sector of the food industry building interior and exterior, such as:

  •  Beverages
  •  Cold storage environments
  •  Dairies
  • Frozen Foods
  • Meat Processing
  • Packaged Goods
  • Packaging & Staging areas

Did You Know: Our LED Lighting is finished with Food Grade coating and resist shock and vibration?

Key benefits of LED solutions

  •  Better colour rendering that is perfect for food inspection areas
  • Clip free designs, so the potential dust traps and micro-organism growth will be minimised.
  •  FDA-approved coating that makes these LED bulbs protective of high thermally conductive materials and resistant to cleaning fluids.
  •  Glass and mercury free design so glass breakage risks associated with traditional lighting
  • Fixtures will be removed.
  • Long lifespan and maintenance requirements will be reduced.
  •  Low heat output so temperature levels can be easily maintained.
  • Materials approved to be used with the beverage and food industry used for external surfaces and lens.
  • No UV light, so bugs will not be attracted.
  • Robust and sealed unit design so that wash downs can be carried out with ease.

Reap the rewards of LED lighting for the future of your business.

Bamford Lighting is proud to offer finance solutions, that we are confident will help you to make that ever important change to your current lighting and carbon footprint. Find out more about financing your LED lighting today.