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With a chain of supply and demand from commercial farming starting with propagation, plant production to vegetable produce, revolving around food retail, the need for efficient farming techniques has increased tenfold. Bamford lighting understand how important lighting is and how it plays in the production of food development in a round the clock operation.

Say hello to an experience of better plant & flower growth with white light conditions.

With UK climate conditions periodically unstable, horticulturists, farmers and growers often rely on indoor growing environments which in overheads, lighting plays a integral part that can not comprised on. There are truly many imperfections with florescent incandescent bulbs which typically require 100s of bulbs and wattage to provide the necessary lighting conditions to grow a seed to nurturing young plants into edible food.

By switching to horticultural LED lighting, you can reduce your carbon footprint and increase your farm’s growth rate whilst at the same time improve quality such as spectrum, uniformity, position, time and climate conditions.

LED lighting has been around for many years and Bamford Lighting have been helping horticulturists to replace poor functioning lighting to help improve conditions so their business can prosper and save money. With a 50% better productivity and 70% decrease in energy usage, the benefits of switching from fluorescent-lit farms to LED-based ones are obvious. Often considered one of the most important advancements in horticulture over the past few decades, the effective nature of the light-emitting diodes is put to use everywhere, from NASA’s space missions to floriculture.

LED lighting has been documented to improve bedding plants and boost production numbers significantly. Researchers from around the world are advocating the phenomenon of LEDs as an alternative to the traditional forms of lighting. Different LED colours have been proven to enhance photosynthesis in commercial farming. In other words, LED lighting creates the perfect environment for growing plants and vegetables close to consumers.

Facts you might not know LED Lighting can bring to horticultural industry;
Reduced downtime for maintenance calculated because LED operates for 50,000 hours.
Insects do not like LED Light
1 bulb can replace 4times as many bulbs
LED bulbs last for 50,000 hours
LED bulbs do not bun out they fade
LED light should be white not blue for horticultural lighting
LED lighting allows you to save on emissions and overhead costs
LED light provides consistency in transporting light therefore consistent controlled growing conditions
LED light bulbs do not exert heat power
LED lights will be designed to light levels required for your produce of fruit or vegetables

Bring your nursery, farming and plant production up to working standards

Benefits include that a greater variety of plants can be grown under LED lamps than under other kinds of agricultural lighting. Regardless of season and weather, horticulture LED lighting will help your plants grow to look, taste and feel perfect. While the lamps can provide bright white lighting, the heat produced is extremely low and refrains from damaging delicate plants. Integrate your LED lighting into digitally controlled systems for better control of your business and see the possibilities grow everyday. Installing LED lamps which have been designed specifically for horticultural lighting is the next step to stay ahead in the industry.

Why choose Bamfords LED Lighting for your horticultural business?

With led lighting comes the opportunity to cut your energy lighting bills up to 70%. Bamford lightings LED tubes, high bay lamps, and flood lights will be designed to give plants and flowers the light intensity accuracy for optimal growing performance whilst artificial heat is decreased, protecting your fruits or vegetables from having crop problems.

Bamford are Approved Electrical Installation Contractors and do not just supply LEDs. The Full Turn Key Solution means delivering consultation, design, supply and install to farming and horticulture business in the UK and Ireland.

A wide range of horticultural applications suitable for LED energy saving lighting

Horticultural LED lighting is quickly becoming the standard for the industry. Every greenhouse grower can benefit from affordable led lighting and can be bespoke to provide the intensity necessary to suit your vegetation, crops or developments. Bamford’s LED energy saving fixtures are concerned with:

Vegetable and High Wire Production
Propagation and Tissue Culture
Young Plant Production
Cut Flowers
Seedling Nurseries
City Farming

Did You Know: Bamfords Horticultural Lighting is finished with Food Grade coating

Reap the rewards of LED lighting for the future of vegetable and plant production.


Bamford Lighting are proud to offer financed solutions to farming,plant production surrounding horticulture, If you would like to take part in the FREE Bamford Lighting Trial,contact us to make that crucial change to your current lighting and carbon footprint.