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Is your lighting working for the hotel experience?


LED lighting can serve a plethora of purposes within the average hotel setting, from being set up to illuminate a pathway to safety should an emergency occur, through to the illuminating of your entrance to welcome guests into your premises.

And as LED lights are simply so flexible (as well as severely economically viable) they offer the perfect mix of flexible design, coupled with affordable design and installation and small, ongoing running costs.


What LED Lighting Solutions Do We Design?


Lighting within the hotel realm is incredibly wide-ranging, and we understand that no two hotel premises are the same. So while the following solutions describe the main LED projects that we undertake for hotels, they are not an all-encompassing list as our services are simply so bespoke, and adapt to every client that we meet and each project that we undertake.

Energy Saving Lighting

Safety Lighting

Lighting LED Displays

Coloured LED Lighting


What can Bamford Lighting do for your hotel business?


We like to think that we offer the average Hotel business our LED lighting expertise, and can advise on all elements of lighting management. So, whether you’re looking to create a certain ambience within the reception of your hotel, or need to meet your legal obligations in keeping your staff and guests safe in an emergency, we can help.

What’s more, we aim to provide a complete, turnkey set of solutions, which range from initial consultation right through to the manufacturing of your solution, and onto the installation within your premises (which is always undertaken by our experienced and comprehensively qualified technicians).

We’re pretty talented… But don’t just take our word for it

We think that over the course of 35 years within the lighting industry, that we’ve finely honed our design, manufacturing and installation skills. However we know that you won’t just want to take our word for it, so head on over to the pages of our gallery to take a look for yourself at our previous projects.

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What hotels can benefit from LED lighting?


LED Lighting can be beneficial in a great number of businesses and hotel types, and with our completely customised service the following Hotel types can more than benefit from our LED lighting solutions:

National hotel chains

Local boutique hotels

Budget hotels

Small B and B hotels

Large hotels


About us and what we bring to the LED lighting projects that we undertake


At Bamford Lighting we like to think that we are the Go-To specialists within the lighting realm. And with over 35 years within the industry, we have been busy building up plenty of solid reasons as to why we should be your first, last and only choice for a LED lighting supplier for your hotel. Namely, these include:

A team of completely qualified electrical engineers specialising in the design and installation of energy-efficient LED projects for industry and commerce, where each and every team member additionally has a plethora of experience within the industry;

35 years’ worth of industrial electrical contracting and energy management experience that covers practically every industry type;

A thoroughly tried and trusted direct supplier of LED products that span from manufacturer to the client;

A qualified, approved and experienced carbon trust provider;

A team of experts that comes with specialist knowledge of lighting technology, design, deployment and maintenance, to ensure that your project is handled professionally from the very start through to the annual checks that make sure it runs as it should;

A portfolio that includes working directly with world-class manufacturers of LED solutions.

Our clients: Amongst the most satisfied in the industry

We like to gain feedback from each of the projects that we undertake, so hear for yourself just how satisfied our clients are by heading on over to our testimonial page.

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Your Hotel LED Lighting project: Get in touch with the team


We love to talk about what can be achieved with our smart and entirely bespoke LED lighting solutions. So if you’re ready to hear about what we can do for your Hotel and the ways in which we can illuminate your premises for functional safety or dramatic effect, then get in touch.

Our company directors, Roger Allen and Les Morris, can be contacted on 0800 043 1153, or you can send through an email with your message, and the team will be in touch as soon as possible.