LED Benefits

Bamford Lighting

LED lighting is fast becoming the standard for industrial and commercial applications bringing several important benefits to your business:

Energy Effecient. LED lighting uses 70% to 80% less energy than most conventional lighting – while giving you the same light output. This means a quick return on investment and major financial savings for your business for many years to come.

Easy: Install When replacing fluorescent tubes, you can use your existing light fittings – with minor adjustments to the controls. This makes the most of your existing lighting equipment and makes installation easy. Other types of lighting such as high-bays, low-bays and floodlights require a new fitting – but installation is also very straightforward.

Durable: LEDs (Lighting Emitting Diodes) are what’s known as ‘Solid State Lighting’. They last 3 – 5 times longer than traditional lighting (approx. 50,000 hours) and require no maintenance during this time. This means lower maintenance costs and fewer interruptions to your business operations.

Consistent: The intensity of light from LEDs does not decrease to the same extent as other forms of lighting such as Metal Halides or fluorescent tubes. This means consistently high levels of light for your business which is good for staff morale, good for productivity and good for quality inspections. It also means there’s no need to replace your lights until after 50,000 hours.

Safe: With no moving parts and no dangerous gases, LED lights are the safest and most environmentally-friendly lighting solution available. This is especially important in public spaces and food production areas.