Led Lighting Bristol Britain’s most Efficient LED Light Manufacturers:


Looking for LED lighting Bristol to help your business save up to 90% on annual energy costs?


Welcome to Bamford Lighting.

Here at Bamford Lighting, we’re one of the UKs leading LED lighting manufacturers offering both lighting products and lighting system installations for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

As one of the leading LED lighting Bristol companies, we’re committed to supplying and installing LED lighting fixtures to suit yours and your businesses every need.


What is LED Lighting Bristol?


LED Lighting, (light emitting diodes) is the modern, eco-efficient alternative to traditional florescent or incandescent bulbs. LED Lighting systems work in transmitting less heat than traditional light fixtures saving you money on your energy bills.


Why install Energy Saving LED Lighting?


LED lighting Bristol systems are becoming increasingly popular among various UK businesses.

As well as saving you up to a huge 90% in energy bills, LED lighting is a fantastic solution to reducing your carbon footprint, they’re inherently controllable and are durable: lasting up to 10 years!


Other advantages of investing in LED lighting systems include:

  • High levels of brightness
  • Long Source Life
  •  Simple to programme and control
  •  No UV Rays
  •  Low Radiated Heat
  •  Low-voltage
  • High Efficiency


What to Consider when choosing your LED Lighting Bristol?


When choosing your LED Lighting company, there’s no doubt you want value for money. Superior products which offer durability and energy saving benefits is exactly what we supply to each and every one of our customers here at Bamford Lighting.

We develop innovative lighting ideas designed to adequately brighten up work spaces, illuminating specific areas to show off particular products or features of your workspace.

For more information on our creative lighting design ideas, why not call Bamford Lighting now on 08000431153 or, alternatively, you can email us direct using the contact form here.


Why Choose Bamford Lighting?


Here at Bamford Lighting, we’ve served an extensive range of industries including food manufacturer units, warehouses, restaurants, hospitals, retail units, airports, schools, colleges, universities, sport stadiums, hotels, car dealerships and more installing efficient LED light fixtures to suit each company’s specific needs.


As an independent LED lighting company, we’re committed to delivering LED light products and services which not only meet: but exceed your every expectation.


Unlike other LED lighting manufacturers; we offer free site surveys, free quotes and creative lighting ideas tailored to each and every company we work with.


Work with the UK’s leading LED lighting Bristol manufacturers today and have a system installed which suits your business needs. Contact Bamford Lighting: your leading LED lighting company today on 0800043115 and don’t forget to order your free LED evaluation kit now!