The Benefits of LED Lighting Fixtures in Warehouse Establishments

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LED technology is quickly becoming the number one choice in commercial and residential lighting applications for the ranging benefits they offer.

Here at Bamford Lighting, we’re the leading LED Lighting company in our field and are passionate about serving clients with efficient and effective LED systems designed to help companies save up to 90% on their electricity bills.

The reason why LED lighting fixtures are becoming so popular is simple, the world is striving to save energy, and LEDs are stars in field of energy efficient technology.

Here at Bamford Lighting, we work around you and your company to ensure minimal disruptions so if evenings and weekends work better for your business, we’re happy to work around your clock.

Avoiding the LED Lighting Cowboys

The LED Lighting industry is falling victim to cowboy LED Lighting fitters which disappoints us here at Bamford Lighting. We’re passionate about what we do and ensure each and every customer receives LED lighting systems which really do save them money in annual energy bills while working efficiently for at least 10 years.


Our systems come with a less than 1% failure rate: which is a substantial amount less than the industry average of 20% and with our guarantee, we’ll fix these for you quickly and efficiently.

When investing in LED lights, please use a company who supply complete LED light fittings as opposed to those who simply install LED bulbs. LED fittings are the component in the circuit which uses less energy and saves you money, fitting bulbs alone will save you minimal amounts in annual energy bills.

For more information on LED lighting systems, contact a member of the Bamford Lighting team. We even offer free site surveys and samples so you know and understand the fantastic services we offer.

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LED Lighting for Warehouses: the advantages

There are many advantages to incorporating an LED system into your place of business: especially if you run a warehouse. Dominating advantages include:

• Energy Efficiency

LED converts 80% of your electrical energy into light energy. So, when compared to a regular lightbulb, an LED fixture converts a small fraction of energy into heat rather than light. This ultimately reduces your expense on electricity bill saving you both energy and money when you invest. The costs aren’t only reduced in the bills, but also in the manufacture and operation.

We offer generous finance options for warehouse companies who require LED Light fixtures. Read here for information.

• Versatility and Compact Size

LEDs can adapt to any kind of lighting application, and are available in many different colours and are small in size. An LED emits intense light in a variety of colours and can still work smoothly in the harshest conditions. An LED cluster is capable of illuminating whole football stadium, so you can only imagine the range of light that can be provided for a warehouse environment.

• Controllable

LED lights are much brighter when in comparison to conventional light sources. They can also be dimmed very easily according to the required intensity.

• Long Lifespan

The lifetime of an LED light fixture is one of the major selling points for many customers, they have an very high operational life expectancy. If you were to use an LED light for 8 hours a day, it would take around 20 years until a replacement is needed.

• Focused and Shock Resistant

With LED’s you don't have to depend on the reflector shape to focus the light on a specific area. They are already packaged in a way to emit focused light. This is extremely useful when working with warehouses, as individual products can be illuminated clearly and easily. Due to an LED being a solid-state device they are very difficult to damage with shock.

There are many advantages including these that show how LED’s are a suitable choice for many industries, especially warehouses.

Warehouse LED Lighting

Whether you are thinking about installing a full new lighting system in your home or perhaps you just want to upgrade the one you currently have, LED lighting is easy to install and there are many benefits.

Warehouses can benefit from LED lighting due to the ability to control the lighting levels for the aisles. Not only this, but improving the light quality in your warehouse will make it much easier to carry out everyday tasks such as product identification. Warehouses also tend to have a “start up” time where the lighting isn’t working at full capacity, this is eliminated with LED lighting and you have full control over lighting levels.

LED’s are fast becoming the number one lighting choice in every possible sector, such as industrial, commercial, residential, security, public sectors, hospitals, cars and electronics. LED’s have registered their presence in a very widespread area and yet is constantly expanding with numerous possibilities.

The areas and possibilities of LED lighting systems are infinite and are only bounded by the end user’s imagination. LED technology can be applied to any desired area; you just need a thoughtful and creative approach to use it accordingly. If you know the basic installation and application of LED technology this will help you to use LED lighting for a better lighting experience and is a step forward for greener and clean environment.

Here at Bamford Lighting we believe we have LED solutions for a wide range of industries and businesses, and we’re committed to making sure you have the solution that is best fitting to you. Our LED lighting systems come in many shapes and sizes, they are extremely durable and very energy efficient. We understand that the LED upgrade can be more expensive than the usual conventional lighting systems, and that’s why we provide free site surveys, free quotes and help all of our customers with creative lighting solutions, you can even order a free LED evaluation kit now!

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