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Looking for quality LED lighting supplies?

Would you like to save up to 90% on your electricity bills?


Welcome to Bamford Lighting. Here at Bamford Lighting, we’ve aided a range of businesses from various industries in slashing electricity bills while reducing their carbon footprints.

Due to the many benefits of LED Lighting, more and more companies are recognising the need to source quality LED Lighting Suppliers to install these eco-efficient, cost efficient fixtures in their establishments.

If you’re looking for quality LED Lighting suppliers and installation specialists, contact a member of the Bamford Lighting team today on our freephone telephone number: 0800 043 1153 or, alternatively, you can email us direct at: Info@bamfordlighting.com.

What Can LED Lighting Supplies Do For My Company?

LED Light fixtures are durable, as well as being cost and eco-efficient. By investing in LED lighting supplies, companies can expect to generate at least 5 years continuous use from the Bamford Lighting LED lamps and more than 10 years use if you use them for up to 10 hours per day.

Here at Bamford Lighting, our LED bulbs use 80% less energy than their incandescent counterparts, and have become an increasingly common sight in homes and on business premises throughout the UK and beyond.

Reducing your bills and carbon footprint

As established LED lighting suppliers, here at Bamford Lighting, we can help you reduce your energy consumption significantly.

More and more large corporations are making the switch to LED lighting solutions as it makes commercial sense with energy bill savings of up to 90% expected once switched.

Various industries including; Warehouses, Schools & Colleges, Hospitals, Food Manufacturing Units, Retail Units, Airports (and more, please select industries from the top navigation bar to see all) can benefit remarkably from investing in an LED lighting supplies.

Warehouses and other industries often require significant artificial light to make up for the absence of natural light in their working environments. The use of bright, artificial light helps staff to see what they’re doing, enhancing productivity.

Often, in many fast paced working environments, bright lights need to be on 24 hours a day, which costs various companies a lot in electricity. This demonstrates the growing need to save electricity costs: hence why LED lighting solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

What’s more: these lights reduce a companies carbon footprint, dramatically allowing you and your company to directly impact in protecting the planet.

If your looking for cost efficient, eco-efficient led lighting solutions, contact your leading led lighting suppliers today. We offer free quotes, unrivalled service and the highest possible quality products which are reliable and durable.

Minimal maintenance, outstanding results

  • LED lights give off far less excess heat than other lights and require only minimal, if any, maintenance.
  • They don’t harm humans as they don’t contain mercury or emit UR or IR light.
  • Their tough build quality means they are extremely hard to break.

Join the thousands of companies saving thousands of pounds having investing in LED lighting solutions.

At the height of customer satisfaction, we listen closely to our clients specific requests ensuring the solutions we offer are suitable for them and the nature of their business. Our client base varies between large brands and independent businesses- no job is too large or small here at Bamford Lighting. 

What’s more is that we only ever source products from the best manufacturers. Talk to us today on 0800 043 1153 if you require a new LED lighting supply.

Why Choose Bamford Lighting?

Bamford Lighting are the UK’s leading LED lighting suppliers having served a range of industries nationwide. As led lighting suppliers, we understand the need to understand our clients needs, installing led lighting fixtures which are efficient and perfect for the nature of our clients business.

As experienced led lighting suppliers, we ensure all fixtures are assessed, agreed and installed to a standard which meets and exceeds our customers expectations.

Contact a member of the Bamford Lighting team today to arrange a free quote for led lighting installation on  0800 043 1153 or, alternatively, you can email us at: Info@bamfordlighting.com.