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Car Dealership LED Lighting – Energy Saving Lighting for Car Forts

Car dealerships are increasingly turning to LED lighting systems for their lighting needs as they see the benefits that LED lights can bring to their business. This article will outline some of the many advantages LED lights can make to your car dealership. Here at Bamford, we offer a FREE assessment of work that needs to be carried out to help you get the best deal for your money.

Creating that first great impression

It is important to create a good first impression when the public visits your car dealership. LED lights produce bright natural white light that adds a touch of glamour to your building. The cars will look brightly lit up, making the cars look shiny and more attractive to a prospective buyer.

Design flexibility

LED lights can be installed in hard to reach places, and the light can be focused in a particular area. This means that there will be no dark spots. LED lights can be either large or small and can be installed in hard to reach places. This is the opposite for conventional light bulbs they are notorious for their lack of design flexibility.

Flood lights

Bamford Lighting has flood LED lighting specifically built to be outside. These LED lights produce a lot of light, so the car dealership area will still look bright in the evening or at night. The lights do not get damaged in severe weather.

Environmentally friendly

LED lights can save you money – they produce the same amount of light as standard light bulbs but using less energy. This can save you lots of money, as businesses such as car dealerships provide lots energy.

Energy efficient

LED lights are energy efficient as the majority of the energy gets converted into light rather than heat.  The opposite is true for incandescent lamps as 85% of their energy output gets converted into heat.


LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours of being switched on. This means they will rarely need to be replaced when compared to traditional lights. Saving you the expense of hassle of replacing old LED light bulbs.

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