LEDs – The Future of lighting

by / Friday, 28 August 2015 / Published in Uncategorized

LED lighting is becoming an ever more popular and common way of producing lighting for homes and businesses across the world. IKEA announced that they will be phasing out traditional light bulbs and stocking just LED lighting instead in the near future.

Examples of advantages for acquiring LED Lights

The advantages are numerous for installing LED lights. Developing countries like India whose energy consumption is expected to double by 2030 are looking for innovative solutions for maximising efficiency. LED lighting is seen as a solution for reducing homes and businesses energy output.

Large corporations are increasingly turning to LED lights for their energy solutions. Warehouses consume lots of energy, especially warehouses that operate 24/7. Warehouses are often very large and get little natural light, often needing bright lights that consume lots of energy so their workers can see what they are doing. Warehouse owners realise that energy lights that are on around the clock need to be energy efficient as their electricity bills can be very high. So LED lights are increasingly seen as the solution.

Sports stadiums are increasingly using LED lights to produce light. In an industry were broadcasting is a multi billion pound industry, proper lighting were spectators at home can see the game on TV properly is very important. LED lights can be installed in hard to reach places and can emit very bright light. The lighting can be controlled so the brightness can be reduced or increased depending on how bright or dull the lights need to be.

Want LED lighting for your business

LED lighting as time goes on, will become increasingly seen in domestic properties and especially large businesses. For more information about how LED lighting can be utilized to save you money and lower your carbon footprint phone Bamford Lighting on 0800 043 1153. We are leading specialists in the LED industry where we have worked on many large projects throughout the UK.