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Led Lighting Solutions for Medical & Health Authorities

LED lighting in hospitals is an excellent way to slash energy costs leaving more money to treat patients.

All medical care facilities require high visibility and well-distributed lighting. Traditional lighting needs ongoing operational management and in a climate where cost-cutting exercises are an important part of business agenda, did you know that LED lighting can now reduce such costs?

 It is no secret that good lighting is important in hospital settings. LED lighting has been linked to such things as improved employee performance and higher morale. This can be especially important for hospital patients as a right outlook can help the healing and recovery process along for many patients. 

Accuracy is also especially important in hospitals from reading patient's charts to surgery to a wealth of other procedures routinely performed in hospitals around the UK.


Where can you use LED lighting in healthcare facilities?


LED lighting can help a great deal in this regard. Patient waiting rooms
Theatre rooms
Hospital wards
Outpatient consultant rooms
Doctors Surgeries
Care Homes


What can Bamford Lighting do for your medical facility?


Bamford Lightings Eco-Friendly LED Lighting is designed to meet stringent health and safety guidelines. Bamford Lighting's full turn key operation means that they will consult and assess your premises to provide a comprehensive report on the current lighting conditions and deliver a bespoke lighting requirement catered for medical and healthcare facilities. Some benefits LED's bring are:

Better colour rendering that is perfect for patient inspection areas
Clip free designs, so the potential dust traps and micro-organism growth will be minimised.

FDA-approved coating that makes these LED bulbs protective of high thermally conductive materials and resistant to cleaning fluids.
Glass and mercury free design so glass breakage risks associated with traditional lighting.

Long lifespan and maintenance requirements will be reduced.
Low heat output so temperature levels can be easily maintained.
Materials approved to be used with the beverage and food industry used for external surfaces and lens.

No UV light, so bugs will not be attracted.

Robust and sealed unit design so that wash downs can be carried out with ease.


Reap the rewards of LED lighting for the future of better healthcare facilities


Bamford Lighting is proud to offer financed solutions because we are confident that by switching to LED lighting will help you to make that ever important change to lighting management costs, while reducing your carbon footprint. Find out more about financing your LED lighting today.