Money Saving LED Light Fittings

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LED Lighting is not only energy saving but poses money saving benefits too.

Here at Bamford Lighting, we’re proud to shout about the sheer volume of revenue a business can save with energy efficient LED lighting fixtures. The table below offers a rough guide of just how much you can save with energy efficient LED lighting with us here at Bamford.

ROI Do Nothing – 10 year Costs  Install LED lighting – 10 Year Costs Savings over 10 years
12 Mo £159,000 £49,000  £110,000
18 Mo £159,000 £53,000  £106,000
24 Mo  £159,000 £56,000 £103,000

The table above examples the savings you could make when switching to eco-efficient LED lighting systems. As you can see, savings of over 50% are prominent when LED light fixtures are sought from us here at Bamford Lighting.

For money saving LED light fittings, contact a member of the Bamford Lighting team today.

Top tips when selecting your LED Lighting Company:

Here at Bamford Lighting, we care about our customers which is why we go to new lengths to ensure they have efficient LED lighting around the clock.

With this in mind, take a look at our top tips when choosing your LED lighting company:

Avoid the Cowboys

Since the LED industry has grown over recent years, the sudden influx of “lighting experts” has grown with it.

Unfortunately, we have encountered companies out there who promise to fit energy efficient fixtures and simply install long life bulbs. This will secure minimal savings while compromising durability and longevity.

Here at Bamford Lighting, we secure full LED light fixtures which transmit less electricity and minimal heat energy which, in turn, is what saves companies thousands annually.

Ask for the company’s failure rate

As a customer, you need to know that your purchase is going to be durable. The industry average for LED lighting failure rates is around 20%.

Here at Bamford Lighting, our failure rate is less than 1%.

Ask for an idea of down time

Upgrading your LED light systems can be disruptive for your business or organisation which is why it’s always a good idea to get a provisional timeframe for work completion.

We’re happy to work around our customer’s operation times which is why we offer to work evenings and weekends should this suit our customers.

Read Case Studies and Testimonials

Recommended companies are always more trusted: certainly in the LED lighting industry.

Here at Bamford Lighting, we have a wide range of customers who’re happy to recommend us and our services, please see our case studies page for examples.

All the Best

We wish you all the best in your quest for quality LED lighting solutions. For more information on our services or to request your FREE site survey, contact a member of the Bamford Lighting team today on 08000431153 or, alternatively, you can email a member of our friendly team at