New study predicts growth in the LED industry

by / Tuesday, 07 July 2015 / Published in Lighting News

New study by Winter Green Research predicts: “By the year 2020, LED lighting will completely replace incandescent filament bulbs.”

What are the advantages of LED lighting

LED lighting is an energy efficient form of lighting that has longer durability, consumes less energy, lowering energy bills saving the consumer money. The full report can be seen on the Acute market reports website.

In business, there’s constant pressure to lower energy consumption saving overall unnecessary energy costs.

LED lighting is a proven energy saving solution as the carbon footprint from LED lighting is lower than common light bulbs.

There are many advantages to LED lighting. One being that LED lighting is a great way to control the margins of your business. This can be done by controlling the brightness of the room to the desirable level, therefore controlling the energy output.

LED lighting lowers labour costs, from having light bulbs replaced.Warehouses, among many industries, need lots of light in order to operate efficiently. Replacing these many light bulbs can be both time consuming and involve labour costs, while having staff distracted from other duties or having to hire outsiders to replace the light bulbs.

LED light bulbs last many years longer than incandescent light bulbs, therefore staff can concentrate on other duties, increasing the productivity of your workforce.

Energy saved from LED lighting

A great incentive when switching to LED lighting is the energy saved in the long term.

Incandescent light bulbs, produce a lot of heat. In fact, LED lighting, emits 90% less heat than old fashioned light bulbs. This combined with the product itself lasting longer than incandescent light bulbs means less materials are consumed leading to greater sustainability.

Want LED lighting for your Business?

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