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LED Lighting Solutions for your Office Space

Office Led Lighting with escalating costs in electricity. Both private and public sector offices are under increased pressures from governmental bodies to reduce budgets and utilise every opportunity in light of pro-actively reducing their carbon footprint.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce business overheads and your carbon emissions, investing in fully equipped LED lighting solutions for your office space can help you meet and exceed these goals.

If you're looking for quotes for your led office lighting investments, why not contact Bamford Lighting today and discuss your specific requirements.

Here at Bamford Lighting, our products are bespoke and tailored to suit you and your specific office lighting needs. All lighting products used by us are hand selected by our company directors to ensure you receive quality fixtures from your leading LED lighting company in the UK.

Bring your office lighting up to working standards

Employers overlook the physical and mental implications of poorly lit workplaces on staff and productivity.

Did you know? According to a study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design: “68% of employees complain about the lighting situation in their office.”

The most common complaint office staff highlighted was that lights were too dim causing eyes strain and difficulty in concentrating as well as lights being too harsh causing headaches and migraines.

Here at Bamford Lighting, we supply, deliver and install office LED lighting fixtures for offices throughout the UK. Our led fittings are tailored to meet client specifications and adapted to suit the workspaces and needs of your business.


A common problem businesses face with outdated lighting fixtures is meeting the quality of lighting necessary to enhance staff performances and maintain productivity.


When product and performance are the driving force of your business, efficient office led lighting is key to reducing annual energy bills while increasing employee productivity.

Health and Safety Office Lighting

Within working environments comes health and safety, LUX lighting levels identify if your office is producing the recommended level of light to work in. This is something businesses can fail to recognise. To find out what lighting levels your office is operating in, we offer a FREE Lighting Trial to enable businesses to partake in the experience of better quality affordable lighting.

LED lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways of saving on business overheads. The result in the cost of powering your LED lighting will also see a maintenance reduction because LED lights emit light 3 - 5 times longer than filament tube light, displaying light of up to 50,000 working hours.

Enjoyable Light & Improved Performances

Artificial light is renowned for its poor quality causing strains aches and pains to the human eye. LED light is a new technology proven to be of heightened quality in comparison to ordinary light fixtures.

Investing in led light fixtures is a fantastic opportunity to get the most out of your employees while reducing business overheads with possible savings of up to 90% on electricity costs on the horizon.

LED now surpasses traditional lighting and is recognised as the preferred lighting application for office workplaces. Switching to LED lighting systems will see employees respond and increase performances with the help of quality led light.

Using LED Lighting to Reduce your Carbon Footprint Emissions

Cutting carbon emissions should be top of your agenda. Aiding in improving the environment and reducing annual energy costs, efficient led light fixtures is imperative in reducing business overheads.

Pay off the cost of your LED lighting with the money you save.

Bamford Lighting not only believes but have seen the results and savings public and private sector businesses are making across the UK and Ireland from our Energy Saving LED products.

With unique experience in the field of energy management and a growing list of successful LED installations, we are proud to have helped businesses make a positive impact on the future of their businesses and the environment.

With this in mind, we’re offering businesses of all shapes and sizes reduce energy costs with our LED finance solutions.

The idea behind financing your LED light installations is; you simply pay, as you save on annual energy bills.

For more information on our finance options here at Bamford Lighting, see our finance page here or, alternatively, contact our friendly team direct to discuss your needs.