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Complete LED Lighting Solutions for Sports Stadiums


Futuristic clean white light for stadiums just brought a whole new dimension to sports spectatorship. The subject of light leads from the front when it comes to facilities and large building infrastructure such as Stadiums. Bamford Lighting has heart and passion about lighting resources, and largely since the periodical change in lighting technology, Bamford know only too well that many businesses are not adapting to the new possibilities of efficiency, quality and cost saving.


Creating the best Atmosphere for your Stadium Spectators


Artificial light is responsible for about 20% of the world’s power consumption and with heavy pressure on saving carbon footprints, LED lighting is an accessible gateway to cleaner, cost-effective resources.


Sports stadium and sports field lighting is a great resource for creating an excellent atmosphere for your spectators while ensuring health and safety measures are adhered to.


Here at Bamford Lighting, we install internal and external LED lighting solutions for your sports stadium or sports field. For more information, speak to our experts today on our Freephone telephone number: 08000431153 or, alternatively, you can email us directly at


Slashed Energy Costs


LED lighting solutions for your sports facility reduces your energy consumption levels significantly, reducing energy costs by up to 90%.


Adjacent to this, you can enjoy reduced spending on installation, wiring and maintenance when you switch to LED lighting for your sports stadium or sports field.


Bamford Lighting has an extraordinary wealth of energy management expertise helping to bridge the gap of meeting carbon emission targets for some of the UK’s leading commerce players.


High-tech lighting for HD broadcasting.


When spectators are at the forefront of the experience, their eyes can tell a thousand stories. LED Lighting has been proven in many sports arenas already to meet lighting conditions for HD broadcasts. As the viewer experience changes, it is always because of technology. Tablets, mobile and £D TV have all influenced the behaviour of sport spectating.


Light for players, spectators and referees


Stadium lights play a pinnacle role in this field as the requirement go far beyond seeing in front of us. A lot of light pollution takes place on the board of large buildings which can not be saved and avoid light scatter. LED lighting projects symmetrical light was transporting light over long distances producing outstanding strength, evenness and colour production. Take the Bamford Lighting FREE Lighting Trial.


LED Light alongside Large LED TV Displays.


Sporting entertainment never stands still in a sport as sponsorship and partners play a part in revenue streams. Attracting larger audiences and viewing time can be further increased with crisp white LED Lighting facilities.


Consistent Bright White Light today, tomorrow and for the next 50,000 hours.


The pitch lighting can be severely decreased in some weather conditions. Viewers can instantly tell and dampen the experience. 5,000 Lux has an intensity of almost twice the strength of some of even the most modern stadiums in the world. The matter of fact is 5,000 Lux of light can be achieved with a fraction of lighting resources. Bamford Lighting understand the UK’s weather climate making it possible to manufacture and design to eliminate weather hindrances cleverly.


Pitch lighting.


Even distributed lighting that carries the right amount of light from one side of the pitch to another. Pitch Lighting that is highly executed using LED means sport can deliver perfectly synced viewing action with real time on the pitch because of lighting clarity. Through careful planning and assessment, Bamford Lighting technically mirrors your expectations with an audience in mind. LED lighting can now represent outstanding quality for super slow replays.


Grandstand lighting


Most grandstands are divided in two. Tiered seating can for some stadiums be dormant seating and loss of revenue. Now LED Lighting can consistently transport light using a combination of flood lighting and lamps to work correctly enabling light filtration for a better more clarified user experience.