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Efficient LED warehouse lighting solutions are integral in storage units of any capacity. With the ability help staff see. Clearly, warehouse LED lighting aids in health and safety procedures while keeping expensive electricity bills to a bare minimum.

LED Warehouse Lighting Solutions

As the need to reduce overheads increases across Britain, our economic stance remains volatile and tightening up on spends is a welcome idea for businesses large and small. Efficient, low energy LED lighting fixtures is one of the most favoured saving options as the systems are renowned for paying for themselves.

Reduce your companies’ carbon footprint, help staff be as productive as possible and invest in a system which does pay for itself: warehouse LED lighting solutions is integral to you and your business.

For more information on warehouse led lighting options for your company, contact Bamford Lighting today on 08000431153 for original, durable and cost-efficient LED warehouse lighting systems.


“Our systems have less than a 1% failure rate; impressive when the industry average is 20%”

Avoiding the Cowboys

It’s fair to say the LED lighting industry has taken a competitive turn in recent years with more and more electricians becoming sudden “specialists” in LED light systems.

Unfortunately, this has led to companies being sold LED systems which are unfit for longevity and fail very suddenly, much earlier than they’re supposed to.

Here at Bamford Lighting, we don’t just supply LED bulbs and fit them into your modern fittings. We provide, supply and install complete LED lighting fixtures which focus on using less energy to power the light emitting diodes (LED bulbs) and using around 70%-80% less energy.

Our complete LED fixtures last 3-5 times longer than traditional bulbs (approximately 50,000 hours) while using a lot less energy to power the systems.

Complete LED fittings are integral for businesses who want to keep electricity bills to a bare minimum. If you’re looking for LED light fixtures which pay for themselves, save you money and last 3-5 times longer than traditional fittings: contact Bamford Lighting today on 08000431153 or, alternatively, you can email us direct using the contact form here.

Farewell costly lighting bills and poor lighting conditions

Bamford Lighting is a full turnkey lighting solution offering energy efficient LED lighting for warehouse and storage units and facilities.

As a sole supplier of “The Energy Saver” LED Lighting products, it couldn’t be easier to go green and start making those crucial steps to carbon foot guidelines and eliminating poor and costly lighting, inevitability saving money on your current lighting bills.

“Warehouse and storage centres should have a luminous flux of 300-500.”

Get LED Lighting with No Upfront Costs

Our Shared Savings scheme means that at Bamford Lighting we proudly offer companies a shared savings plan where we install your new LED Lighting free of charge and share the savings with you 50/50.

This means you get new LED Lighting installed at no upfront costs and still benefit from energy savings. Shared savings contracts are ideal for larger value projects as they require some time to set up and administer. To find out more about Shared Savings please contact us.

Bring your LED Warehouse Lighting up to Working Standards

Bamford Lighting’s energy efficient product solutions are designed to cater specifically for large industrial warehouse and storage spaces. It is essential to meet LUX lighting guidelines, and the High Bay lighting option ideally mounts in high rise ceilings of 12 meters or greater, flooding the ideal lighting levels for the interior of your warehouse. Our customers have seen a decrease in energy usage from these LED bulbs of 70% or more. Find out more about other ways you can add LED lighting your exterior warehouse premises.

What are the Benefits of LED Lighting Solutions in Warehousing?

LED Lighting outweighs traditional lighting in every sense, LED’s illumination flux is far more crisp and sharp emitting white light instead of a yellow or blue hue. When it comes to the working conditions of your employees, lighting levels are governed by workplace health and safety guidelines.

When you take on Bamford Lighting’s FREE assessment, we will identify if your lighting could be indirectly having an effect on the performance and productivity of your business. This is something companies can fail to recognise. Find out what lighting levels your business is operating in when you take the Bamford Lighting FREE Lighting Trial

You can be assured. There will be a significant reduction in your lighting maintenance overheads because LED lights also last 3 – 5 times longer than traditional tube lights, displaying light of up to 50,000 working hours.

Pay off the cost of your LED lighting with the money you save.

Bamford Lighting not only believes but have seen the results and savings businesses are making across the UK and Ireland from a simple product like lighting. Because we devote our time to consulting companies who have an obligation to reducing carbon footprint, we are proud to offer finance solutions, that we are confident will help you to make that ever significant change to your current lighting. Find out more about financing your LED lighting.

For more information on LED Lighting Systems for Warehouse units, contact a member of the Bamford Lighting team on 08000431153 or you can email us at or, alternatively, you can click here.